Ubiquiti EdgePower Supply, 54V 150W [EP-54V-150W]

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  • Type Power
  • Vendor Ubiquiti Networks
  • SKU EP-54V-150W


The EdgePower EP-54V-150W is a high-power, modular PSU system designed to connect to EdgePoint™ routers or switches, and provide reliable power to attached PoE devices.

The EP-54V-150W uses modular PSUs for flexible configuration options. It can utilize two modular PSUs to provide up to 300W of power, or be configured to provide up to 150W of power with an automatic PSU backup. The EP-54V-150W consists of a rack-mountable, two-bay housing and control unit, and includes one AC-DC 54V, 150W PSU module. The second PSU bay can house an AC-DC or DC-DC PSU module (sold separately).


  • Reliable and Convenient UPS for WISPs
  • UISP® Remote Management
  • Automatic Alerts for Power Outages

Note. Connect to a lead-acid battery only. Using another battery type could be hazardous.