Ubiquiti AmpliFi High Density Home WiFi [AFi-HD]

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  • Type WiFi
  • Vendor Ubiquiti Networks
  • SKU AFi-HD


The Ubiquiti AmpliFi High Density Home WiFi System [AFi-HD-US] with Router and (2) Mesh Points includes a router base station and two wireless super extenders for maximum WiFi coverage throughout your home. The HD Kit provides maximum wireless performance in an innovative and elegant design. The router includes a smart LCD screen and the extenders display wireless signal performance. A mobile app is available for iOS and Android™ platforms for instant setup and easy management.
  • 6,000 ft² coverage
  • 150+ connected devices
  • WiFi5 (3x3 MIMO)
  • (2) AmpliFi MeshPoints
  • Router with (4) GbE LAN and (4) GbE WAN port
  • Router with 1.6" LCM touchscreen