Tycon Systems 12V 52AH Non-Spillable Sealed Lead Acid GEL Battery [TPBAT12-50]

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  • Type Power
  • Vendor TYCON Systems
  • SKU TPBAT12-50


The Tycon Systems [TPBAT12-50] is amhigh rate valve regulated sealed lead acid (VRLA) AGM battery has been developed for long term operation in harsh environments. They have a high cycle life and impressive 8 year float life. They are designed to operate over a wide temperature range such as those experienced in outdoor equipment applications. The batteries can be installed in any position without affecting their performance or reliability.

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• Sealed and Maintenance Free
• Safety Valve for Ultimate Safety; Prevents Overpressure
• Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery Performance
• Low Self Discharge Characteristics
• Highly Resistant to Vibration and Shock

• Remote Equipment Power
• Surveillance Cameras
• Wireless Base Stations
• Medical Equipment
• Remote Sensors
• Backup Power Systems