Siklu MultiHaul MH-T200-CCC-PoE-MWB Terminal Unit [MH-T200-CCC-PoE-MWB]

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  • Type Outdoor Wireless
  • Vendor Siklu


The Siklu MultiHaul™ MH-T200-CCC-PoE-MWB Terminal Unit features 90°, base rate 100Mbps upgradable to 1000Mbps, 3 RJ-45 with PSE (2 ports PSE enabled), MK & PoE injector included, IP-65. Also delivers carrier grade wireless point-to multipoint Gigabit Ethernet services utilizing the 60 GHz un-licensed V-Band spectrum. The solution is designed for a range of last hop connectivity, from CCTV and Safe /Smart-City networks to Gigabit-to-the-Home. On one hand, the T200 meets the stringent requirements of service providers while on the other hand allows easy installation by non-Telco professional staff.