Primus Cable 12-Port Fiber Adapter Panel with 6 Duplex LC Single Mode Adapters

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Product details

  • Type Fiber
  • Vendor Primus Cable
  • SKU FB24-2612LCC12

This Primus Cable LC single Mode fiber adapter panel is loaded with 6 duplex single mode LC connectors, giving a total of 12 ports. The panel snaps easily into most of our FB23 Fiber Patch Panels and Wall Mounts.

Product Specifications
  • Connection Type: LC Duplex
  • Number of Connections: 12
  • Ferrule: Ceramic
  • Mode: Single Mode
  • Fiber Polish: UPC
  • Connection Color: Blue
  • Plate Color: Black
  • Plate Code: LCUD
  • Plate Height: 1.20"
  • Plate Width: 5.12"