MikroTik SXTsq 5GHz 802.11ac 16dBi 28dBm Outdoor CPE INTL Version [RBSXTsqG-5acD]

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  • Type Outdoor Wireless
  • Vendor MikroTik
  • SKU RBSXTsqG-5acD


Suggested replacement for the RBLHGG-5acD or RBDiscG-5acD

The SXTsq 5 ac is a compact, lightweight, outdoor 5Ghz 802.11ac wireless device with an integrated antenna, perfect for point-to-point links or as a CPE unit. The device includes one Gigabit Ethernet port to fully utilize speeds that 802.11ac protocol provides. The SXTsq 5 ac contains a 16dBi antenna like the SXT 5 ac, yet the antenna design has been improved and the physical size has been dramatically reduced at two times thinner.

RBSXTsqG-5acD (INTL) is factory locked for 5150 - 5875 MHz frequencies. This lock can not be removed.