Ignitenet MetroLinq 60 GHz Terragraph Distribution Node with 3 radios [MLTG-360-3-FCC]

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Product details

  • Type Outdoor Wireless
  • Vendor IgniteNet
  • SKU MLTG-360-3-FCC


The IgniteNet MLTG-360-3 is a Terragraph certified distribution node (DN). MLTG-360-3 has 3 radios, supporting 270° coverage. Each radio of MLTG-360-3 equipped with a 256-element beamforming phased array antenna, supporting up to 1.8 Gbps bi-directional throughput. In addition, MLTG-360-3 supports advanced mesh solution to establish a robust wireless network. Resilient mesh can be easily constructed between multiple MLTG-360-3 to construct the wireless network with high availability.

MLTG-360-3 provides fiber-like connectivity at a lower cost than fiber which is ideal for fixed wireless access, backhaul of Wi-Fi, or cellular networks.

Product Features
  • Support channel 1 to channel 4 (57-66GHz)
  • Up to 1.8 Gbps throughput in both direction for each radio
  • Beam forming technology with phased array antenna for easy alignment
  • Support TDMA-MAC for dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Support Over-the-Air (OTA) Security with AES128 encryption
  • Mesh network with IPv6 routing
  • Support IEEE 1588v2 timing synchronization
  • Support QoS with 4 service classes
  • Support VLAN tagging and QinQ
  • Less than 800 microseconds latency per hop for a point-to-point link
  • Self-recovery & optimization
Product Specifications
  • 60 GHz Radio
    (3) antenna tiles per radio
    64 antenna elements for each antenna tile
    90 degrees azimuth scan range: -45° to 45°
    50 degrees elevation scan range: -25° to 25°
  • Interfaces
    (1) Gigabit Ethernet Port (PoE IN)
    (1) 10 Gigabit SFP+ port
    (4) Gigabit Ethernet Port (PoE OUT)
    (3) 60 GHz Radio
  • Environmental Conditions
    Operating Temperature: -20°C (-4°F) to 55°C (131°F)
    IP66 Rating
  • Power
    Passive PoE (Injector Optional)
    42.5V~59V DC terminal block
  • Certifications: FCC/ CE
  • Range:
    Up to 200m for MCS12
    > Up to 250m for MCS9
  • RF Performance (TX): EIRP 44dBm for each radio
  • RF Performance (RX):
    -88 dBm @ MCS9
    -78 dBm @ MCS12
Product Includes
(1) MLTG-360-3 Distribution Node

(1) Mounting Hardware

If not using DC Power, the ICC-POE-90W is required.