ICT Sine Wave Series 1500 Watt Inverter, 48VDC Input [ICT1500-48SWTC]

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  • Vendor ICT
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ICT Sine Wave Series 1500 Watt Inverter, 48VDC Input


The ICT Sine Wave Series is a pure sine wave 1500 watt inverter that converts 48 volts DC to ultra-clean 115 volts AC output at 93% peak efficiency. Every Sine Wave Series model includes TCP/IP Ethernet for remote monitoring and control and a fast statis transfer switch to allow switching between the inverter and AC grid or generator power. 115 volt AC models have two NEMA 5-15 outlets on the front as well as AC output connectors on the back.


With its TCP/IP Ethernet connectivity, a user can monitor the inverter, AC and battery conditions, receive alarm notifications by email, or power-cycle the outputs to reboot connected AC loads. Access from a thin client is through a secure web connection. SNMP is also supported for integration into a network management system. The Sine Wave Series is designed and built in North America by ICT to ensure the highest quality control and reliability.