Gamma Electronics Tight Wrap Self Amalgamating Tape [TSSA-1.5-.76-15]

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  • Type Accessories
  • Vendor Gamma Electronics
  • SKU TSSA-1.5-.76-15

GAMMA’S Magic self-amalgamating tape is a perfect solution to weatherproofing RF connectors and cables. It’s quick and easy installation method reliably provides UV resistance and weather proofing. The EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) is specially formulated to fuse together when wrapped tight on itself. Unlike mastics or butyl, which can be messy, this tape installs quickly over any combination of coax type connectors and cables and reduces space once installed.

• Easily Removed with Knife
• Colors: Black
• Highly Flexible
• Rated to 69kv
• Excellent Tear Resistance
• UV and Ozone Resistant
• Water Tight and Weather Resistant
• Acid and Alkalis Resistant
• Recommended Installation Temperature: -15⁰ F to 135⁰ F
• Operating Temperature -40⁰ F to 230⁰ F

• Provides Excellent Physical Protection and Moisture Sealing for Telecom Connectors and cables
• Perfect Application for Remote Radio Unit Connections
• Can be Installed Saving Space and Time over Mastic Butyl
• Cable Jacket and Sheath Repairs
• Corrosion Protection for Fittings and Couplings
• Protect Connectors from Weather, Moisture, UV, Ozone, Dust and Fungus