Cambium Power Supply, 30W, 56V - Gbps Support [N000000L034B]

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  • Type Power
  • Vendor Cambium Networks
  • SKU N000000L034B


PMP450i and PTP450i Gigabit PoE Power Supply, 56VDC, 30WN000000L034B is a 56 VDC, 30W power supply that will operate any of the 450i radio equipment in standalone mode (i.e., not being powered by CMM).Note that this PSU requires an IEC60320 Type C5 AC Line cord; These are the same line cords that are used with the N000900L001A and are not new parts.Line cords: N000900L007A and N000900L031A - US; Line cord sold separately.

This supply can be used instead of N000065L001B, provided you’re not planning to use the AUX port with a device that may exceed 10 watts. Also works with: e600, e500, 501S, 502S, e700