Baicells Nova 430 Outdoor TDD eNodeB [pBS3101SE]

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  • Type LTE
  • Vendor Baicells
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The Baicells Nova430 Outdoor TDD eNodeB [pBS3101SE] is an advanced two-carrier outdoor eNodeB (eNB) compliant with 3GPP LTE TDD technology. This 4x250mW eNB can operate in Carrier Aggregation (CA) mode or Dual Carrier (DC)/split mode. The Nova430 has one 4-port or two 2-port external antennas. In CA mode, contiguous or non-contiguous channels are aggregated to provide up to 40 MHz bandwidth. This doubles the downlink capacity when CA mode is used with all Cat6/7 or higher user equipment. In DC mode, each carrier is treated as an independent cell, supporting 96+96 users, with each supporting 5, 10, 15, or 20 MHz bandwidth. Using a Nova430/430i in DC mode simplifies and streamlines the deployment of split sectors.