Baicells Atom OD15 3.5GHz 18dBi CPE [EG8015G-M11]

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  • Type LTE
  • Vendor Baicells
  • SKU EG8015G-M11


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The Baicells Atom OD15 3.5GHz 18dBi CPE [EG8015G-M11] provides superior performance to bring broadband data and voice services to end users. It operates on standard LTE TDD, supports multiple bands, and complies with 3GPP Release 12 CAT15 standards. The CPE design incorporates UL 2x2, DL 4x4 MIMO and RX diversity, which enables improved cell coverage and high‐speed wireless communications. It also supports Carrier Aggregation (CA), which increases data rates and improves overall network performance. The product comes with a standard one‐year warranty.