Alpha Wireless 2 Port B42 & 43 Omni Antenna [AW3089-T4]

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  • Type LTE
  • Vendor Alpha Wireless
  • SKU AW3089-T4-N


The Alpha Wireless 2 Port B42 & 43 Omni Antenna solution was developed for fixed wireless omni directional applications. Alpha Wireless pseudo omni antenna provides 360⁰ coverage whilst in an ultra-compact radome design. There are a number of mounting options available making deployments on lamp posts, utility poles, walls and other vertical structures possible. The 2 port antenna provides 2X2 MIMO for improved data throughput with options for various fixed tilt settings.

  • Wide-band antenna for 3GPP bands 42 & 43
  • Optimized Pseudo omni with reduced azimuth ripple
  • Slim monopole design to reduce wind loading